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  In order to provide customers with high quality products and sharp and durable products for profit company always adhere to the precise and advanced manufacturing processes and effective quality assurance system.

  We have 20 years of history and expertise. The total floor area of ​​about 250,0 m, with plenty of capital, advanced management theory and rich practical experience and highly qualified staff, highly qualified staff, highly qualified staff. More details ...    More Detail...

  Our Products can be divided into Eight Broad Categories and multi Secondary Categories which Supply domestic market, and exported to Europe and the United States, Japan and southeast Asia.

  In order to provide customers with high-quality products and sharp durable products, Zhengli Factory always insists on the precise and advanced manufacturing process and effective quality guarantee system.

  In order to put the concept of "Quality the first, and customer the uppermost" into practice, Zhengli Factory has established a efficient quality and after-sale service warranty system.

  Zhengli Factory has over 20 years history and professional experience. Its gross floor area is approximately 250,0 meters that with lots of money, advanced management theory and abundant practical experience and High Quality Employees; High Quality Staff; Highly Qualified Staff.

  Our factory mainly produce allpurpose and various types of the blade which is especially good at processing all types of circular cutting knife, long cutting knife, arc-shaped cutting knife, tooth shape knife, trapezoidal tools, waveform cutting knife, boots, cutting knife form tooth shape cutting knife, disc shape cutting knife, abnormity super-thin cutting tools,and so on. All products use special steel materials,adopt precision blade quenching and overall quenching process and fine grinding process that is sharp durable. Our Products are widely used in the world of printing machine, paper industry, cartons, forestry, rubber, plastics, food machinery, textile, electrical appliances, light industry machinery, aluminum foil, metallized film, tobacco machinery, cigarette, packaging materials, BOPP film, electronic electric appliance, wire and cable machinery, shipbuilding, chemical fiber machine, glass fiber, textile, feed the blade, paper tube cutter, forestry machinery blade, woodworking machinery, plastic is broken and mechanical seal, the edge-sealing, the sealing bag making machine, wood processing, food packaging, paper making aluminum foil cutting, metallurgy mechanical and electrical, medicinal materials, rubber, wire and cable, leather, cigarette and other business. We have got the trust and support of customers because we always pursue quality, reputation first, the principle of quality service. Our Products exported to Europe and southeast Asia. In recent years, the company has achieved sustainable development, business has expanded.

Shanghai Zhengli Blade Manufacture Co., Ltd.

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